A Mother’s Prayer For Her Son

Looking for A Mother’s Prayer for Her Son? Here are a few that can help.

There is a reason that sons are often referred to as “mama’s boys.” Though both sons and daughters hold a special place in your heart, there is a different kind of bond that you have with your son and with your daughter.

As a mother to a son, there is nothing more that you want to see than for your son to become a man who loves, leads and protects. 

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What is even better than any other desires that you might have for your son, is to see him live a life that is pleasing before God.

As parents, we can only do so much for our children, it is God who is able to go where they go, close and open doors for them,

show them the way they should go, and make a lasting change in their hearts.

If you’re looking for prayers that you can pray over your son, here are a few that you can use.

Prayer for Son to Pursue Godliness, Not Worldliness 


My heart goes out to my son today, knowing how hard the world tries to influence our minds, and keep us from walking in the path of life and righteousness.

I know that we have an enemy who is walking around like a roaring lion, waiting for someone to devour.

My prayer is that You would protect my son from the influence of the world, and its emptiness.

Please give him the eyes to see that the world over promises and under delivers.

Help him to see the reality of the world that we live in, and that many people are simply looking for something to fill them, when it is You that all of our hearts were made to love. 

I ask that You would do Your transformative work in his heart, and purify him from what the world has fed his mind.

Help him to know You on a personal level, and to grow in his desire to know and pursue You.

May Your Holy Spirit give him a new heart that is hungry for Your word, and that is being transformed daily.

May his delight be in Your law, and in Your presence, and may he walk the narrow path, even if those around him reject it.

In Jesus’ name, amen. 

Prayer for Son’s Safety 


I am so thankful for my son, and his life.

Thank You for blessing my life with his, and for the wonderful opportunity to be his mother.

I know that I cannot always be there to protect my son, and there are times when he will need a lot more than my protection.

My prayer is that You would put a hedge of protection all around him, and keep him from harm’s way.

Please help him to be aware of his surroundings if he leaves home, and to make wise decisions that will help him to avoid potentially unsafe situations. 

I ask that You be with him in his waking and in his sleeping.

May he depend on you throughout the day, and seek You as his hiding place.

Please protect his mind from the deceptive thoughts of the world and the enemy.

May he always turn to Your word to fight against those thoughts.

I ask that You would shield him, and clothe him in Your armor.

May he stand firm in the face of the spiritual battle that we are facing everyday.

Help him not to run away in fear, but rather to turn to You as his shield.

In Jesus’ name, amen. 

Prayer for His Walk with God 


Thank You for Your grace that is available to us each day.

I can’t imagine where I would be if it hadn’t been for Your grace, and for Your love displayed on the cross.

There is nothing more that I desire than for my son to know the love of Christ, and to experience Your grace toward us, as sinners.

I know that only Your love can change our hearts, and lead us on the path of life.

There is no amount of good works, or goodness in ourselves that can save us from the penalty of sin.

Please open up my son’s heart to understand the gospel, and to take a hold of Your free gift of grace.

May he come to understand just how scandalous that grace is, that Christ died for our sins, and took our place.

Help him to see that all other things in life are fleeting, and that his relationship with You is what matters not only in this present time, but for all eternity.

May he grow strong in his faith, and become an example to those around him in speech and in conduct.

Help him to grow as a leader, protector and provider of his household, with Christ as his head.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen. 

Prayer to Grow in Wisdom

Dear God,

Thank You for making Yourself known to us.

You have not left us as orphans, or to scramble around trying to understand who You are or what it is that You require from us.

You have given us Your word, and You have given us Your Son, who is the fullness of who You are.

Through Your word we can acquire godly wisdom for this life, live with guidance and surety.

In Your word You say that those who lack wisdom can ask You for it, and that You will give it to them freely. 

Today, I ask that You would fill my son’s heart with the desire to know Your word, and to live by it.

May he search the scripture, and through it become wise.

Help him to gain an understanding of who You are, and what it is that You require from him.

May he grow in the wisdom of Your word, and apply it to his daily life.

Help him not to live as the foolish one described in Proverbs, but as the wise, who lives according to Your life-giving word.

Please guide him in his decisions, and grant him wisdom to discern, and make wise judgments.

In Jesus’ name, amen. 

Prayer for Son With Special Needs

Also check out these Bible verses for special needs for encouragement.

Heavenly Father,

In this tender moment, I bow before You with a heart filled with gratitude and hope. You, who knows every sparrow’s fall and every hair on our heads, I come before You with the deepest love for my precious son, whom You have gifted me with. You have chosen me to be his mother, to guide him, love him, and be a source of strength for him.

Lord, I lift up my son [Name] to Your loving care. You know the challenges he faces, the unique journey he is on, and the dreams that reside within his heart. I pray that Your light would shine upon him, illuminating his path with Your unwavering love and grace. Help him to know that he is fearfully and wonderfully made in Your image.

Grant him courage and resilience in the face of any obstacles he encounters. Surround him with kind and compassionate hearts who will understand, support, and uplift him. May he experience the joy of connection and friendship, and may his life be a testament to Your boundless love and power.

Father, bless me with the wisdom to guide him with patience and understanding. Give me the strength to be his advocate and his comforter, showing him Your enduring love through my actions. Help me to see the world through his eyes, to embrace the uniqueness of his perspective, and to always affirm his worth as Your beloved child.

I trust in Your divine plan, knowing that You have a purpose for every life You create. Thank You for the moments of joy, for the lessons learned, and for the love that flows in abundance. I lay my worries at Your feet and choose to walk forward in faith, knowing that You are with us every step of the way.

Thank You, Lord, for the gift of my son, for his laughter, his spirit, and his presence in my life. May Your love continually wrap around us, and may Your grace empower us to face any challenge that comes our way.

In the name of Jesus, I pray.


As I wrap up these thoughts, I can’t help but feel the warmth of a mother’s prayers for her son. It’s like this unbreakable bond between a mom’s heart and the heavens above. When I close my eyes and send those whispered hopes upward, I know something powerful is happening.

You see, it’s like this ongoing soundtrack in the background of my son’s life. With each prayer, I’m asking for strength, courage, and all those good things to surround him. It’s my way of saying, “Hey God, you got this, right?” And I truly believe He does. I’m just a mom, doing what I can, but I’ve got a direct line to the Big Guy, and that’s pretty amazing.

So, as I finish these words, know that my prayers continue. They’re like this invisible thread connecting us – my hopes, my worries, and all the love I have for my boy, carried on the wings of faith. And as time goes on, I’m confident those prayers will keep doing their thing, reminding my son that he’s got a whole lot of love and heavenly backup on his side.

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