Prayers For Kindness

In need of prayers for kindness?

We could all use a little kindness in our lives. The world we face each day is challenging.

Sometimes a kind smile, an encouraging word, or an embracing hug is all it takes to brighten up someone’s day.

It takes a lot more effort to exert anger, irritation and to be inconsiderate.

But kindness costs us nothing.

In fact, it is a joy to see others encouraged and lifted up by our small acts of kindness.

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Kindness is not only something that we can show through our words… although, a kind word does go a long way.

Through prayer we can ask God to help us become more gracious than critical, in our words to others.

We can also show others kindness through our actions.

Whether that is letting someone go before you in line, or helping someone carry groceries to their car.

There are many great and small ways to show kindness.

Jesus calls His followers to be compassionate, just as He is compassionate.

One of the best ways we can grow in compassion is to pray that He would make our hearts kind and receptive to the needs of others.

When we seek to serve those around us, we will grow to see more and more ways to show kindness.

These prayers for kindness are a great way to learn how to pray for a kind heart and a servant’s heart.

Prayer for Kindness

Kindness Prayer During Hard Times


Thank You for showing me such unmerited grace.

It is Your kindness that leads me to repentance. I don’t want to think of where I would be if it weren’t for Your kindness toward me.

I admit, sometimes it is hard to extend kindness to others.

There are times when I avoid others, when I could have shown them kindness.

At other times I feel so overwhelmed and defeated with what is happening in my life that I forget to share the free gift of kindness with those around me. Other times I treat others poorly and impatiently.

Please forgive me for those times. Help me to show others grace and kindness not only when life is good, but especially when it is hard.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

Prayer to Be Kind in Your Speech


You were right when You said what the heart is full of is what comes out of our speech.

Your word says that it is not what goes in us that determines what we are, but what comes out of us.

There are times when my speech is anything but glorifying to You and gracious to others.

Please forgive me for the times when I have used my tongue as a weapon.

Help me to become slow to speak and quick to listen.

Teach me to be kind in my words to others, and to be quicker to encourage than I am to critique.

I know that words can be a sharp knife or a healing balm. I pray that my words will bring life and goodness to those who hear it.

Let my heart reflect Your word, and my speech abound in kindness.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer to Be Kind in Your Deeds


You did not only show kindness through Your words, You also lived out a life of kindness.

Please help me to imitate You.

I confess that there are times when my actions towards others are far from kind.

Sometimes I behave with impatience, irritation or anger.

But acting out of my flesh does not produce Your righteousness.

I pray that Your Holy Spirit will lead me each day.

As I come across people throughout my day, I pray that You would show me opportunities to be kind.

Help me to be aware of the needs of those around me, whether friends, family, co-workers or strangers.

May I not only be a hearer of Your word, and deceive myself. But help me to be a doer of Your word.

Please equip me to do every good work that You have set out before me.

May others see You in me, as I learn to serve them through kindness.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer to Be Kind To Your Spouse


Thank You so much for giving me my spouse.

I confess that I often forget to show gratitude for his/her presence in my life.

Please help me to not take him/her for granted.

Remind me of the covenant we made not only to one another but to You.

That is a covenant to love and cherish one another, and treat each other with love and kindness.

Whenever we are frustrated or having a hard time in life, it is often those closest to us who receive the heat of our emotions.

Please help me to be kind to my spouse in the times when I am going through a tough time.

Make me a gracious and patient spouse.

Help me to show him/her an extraordinary kindness that seeks to put his/her needs before my own.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

Prayer for School Children to Be Kind


I know sometimes children can be cruel to one another.

They don’t always understand the effect that they have on those whom they bring down and bully.

I just want to pray for my children today.

My prayer is that You would help me to teach them to show kindness to others, especially those at school.

Help me to set an example for them that they can follow.

Please protect them from any children who act mean towards them.

I pray that You will soften the hearts of every child, and help them to see how hurtful words and actions affect others.

May the teachers be attentive, and encourage the children to be kind and considerate to one another.

In Jesus’ name, amen.”

Prayer to Be Kind To Those Who Mistreat You


It is hard to be kind to those who hurt you.

I admit that my flesh’s first instinct is to build a wall around that person and treat them the way they treat me.

I know that is not how You call me to respond to those who mistreat me.

Instead, You call me to love those who hate me and to pray for those who spitefully use me.

Please help me to give up any sense of pride or bitterness that I have stored toward those who have mistreated me.

Help me to extend forgiveness to them, whether they have asked for it or not.

I know that forgiveness sets me free.

Help me to show kindness to them.

Let my kindness not be dependent on them, but be rooted in You.

I pray that they will see You through me, and find the same grace and kindness before You.

In Jesus’s name, amen.”

Every day is a new opportunity to grow in kindness.

When we pray for God to help us become kind people, He places those around us who can use a little kindness and encouragement in their lives.

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