Closing Bible Study Prayers

In need of some closing bible study prayers? Here are a few that can help.

The best way to start a bible study is to pray. When we open God’s word, we are not only reading an average book.

We are reading God’s heart, and the very words that He breathed into scripture.

The Bible was written by the leading and inspiration of the Holy Spirit, through men.

There is no better way then, to both understand and apply scripture to our lives than to pray before we study scripture and after we study scripture.

It is just as important to have closing bible study prayers as it is to have opening bible study prayers.

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Usually, when we pray at the beginning of our bible study, it is to ask the Holy Spirit to make the scripture known to us, and to give us understanding.

So what would the purpose of a closing prayer be?

It is important to include a closing prayer after your bible study for a few reasons.

This list is not exhaustive, but my hope is to show just how important closing prayers are.

If you’re looking for some closing bible study prayers, we have a few examples to get you started.

Why We Need Closing Prayers

  1. Ask the Holy Spirit to bring to remembrance what You have just learned.
  2. Ask God to make your heart responsive to what You have learned, whether that requires repentance, confession, submission, etc.
  3. Thank God for His wonderful word and the access that He has given you to it.
  4. Thank God for the people who you get to study the word with, and help grow in Christ. And pray for their needs or prayer requests.
  5. Ask God to help you put His word into action in your life, and become a doer not simply a hearer of the word.

Closing Bible Study Prayers

A General Prayer

Heavenly Father,

We thank You for gathering us here today. Thank You for every single person who has shown up, and is dedicated to growing together in Christ.

You are the reason we have come together, and we ask that You would help us to be united in You.

Help us to be of the same mind, and of the same spirit.

Please help us to love one another as You love us, and to set aside any selfish ambitions and pursuits.

May we grow to value one another’s needs above our own, and to support each other in our needs.

Thank You for Your word that has made it possible to know You. I pray that You will work Your words out in our lives.

Please make our hearts receptive to Your word, and help us to apply the teaching of tonight in our lives.

As we go our separate ways, I pray that You will keep us safe. Please be with us in our different circumstances, and meet the needs of our group.

Be with us always, and bring us back together.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

A Prayer For Wisdom


We are so grateful that You have made Your word known and available to us.

Please help us to grow in our love for the word and to desire wisdom.

Help us not to lean on our own understanding, but rather to acknowledge You in everything we do.

You have said that those who lack wisdom should ask for it and You will not withhold it from them.

Today, we come to You asking for wisdom. Please help us to seek Your guidance, and to cherish Your word.

I pray that our bible studies will be fruitful and grow us not only in the knowledge of the truth, but in wisdom, so that we may be able to act according to Your word.

May we grow wiser not only as individuals but as we share in fellowship with one another.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

A Prayer For Guidance

Dear God,

Thank You for bringing this wonderful group of people together. None of us are self-sufficient and we acknowledge that we are all in need of You.

Please forgive us for the times when we forget to turn to You during our days, and rely on our own strength.

Our strength will fail, but Yours never does. You know each of us personally, and there is not an area of our lives that is unknown to You.

My prayer is that You would give us guidance as we study Your word.

Guide us to an understanding of Your word, and direct us to any book or topic that You desire for us to dig into.

I pray that Your word will truly light up our paths and a lamp to our feet.

In our individual circumstances, I pray that You would grant guidance to those who are needing it today, and show us the way in which we should go.

It’s in Your Name, I pray, amen.

A Prayer For Protection


Thank You for bringing us all together here safely. As we prepare to go our separate ways, I pray that You will be with each of us.

Protect us as we make our way to our different destinations. I pray not only for Your physical protection over our lives.

But I also pray that You will protect us spiritually and mentally.

Please help us to put on the armor of God each day, and help us to be aware of the active battle that we are in daily.

We have a real enemy who tempts us and desires to see us turn from You. But we also have Christ, our Victor on our side.

Please help us to stand firm and be alert of the schemes of the enemy. Keep us from falling into temptation, and help us to guard our hearts.

Protect our minds from deception and the lies of the enemy. Help us to find peace and protection under Your wings.

Remind us that we are never alone, and help us to rest in the truth that You are our shield.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

A Prayer For Faith


Even having faith is a gift from You. Thank You so much for the sacrifice of Christ that has reconciled us to You.

Thank You for removing our hardened hearts and for giving us a heart of flesh.

Today we want to pray that You would strengthen our faith as we continue to grow in the knowledge of Your word.

You say that without faith it is impossible to please You.

When we come to You we should believe that You exist and that You reward those who sincerely seek You.

I pray that You would help us to become people who seek You with sincere hearts.

Please increase our faith, and help us to encourage one another in our faith.

May our faith not only be a matter of words but may it be lived out boldly in our lives.

It’s in Your Name, I pray, amen.

Ending your bible study with a closing prayer is the perfect way to bring your time to closing.

I hope that these prayers will give you some guidance and inspire your bible study to pray together and be unified.

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