Prayer For A New Month 

Looking for a prayer for a new month? When the new year rolls around many people look forward to new resolutions, better habits, and growth in different areas of their lives. Although the hype of a new year can inspire us toward change, we don’t have to wait for a new year to implement changes. 

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In fact, every month comes with newness, challenges, struggles, and growth.

As you approach a new month, you’ll inevitably be faced with unexpected events, opportunities for growth, and the chance to depend on God all over again. 

If you’re not sure what to pray for as you’re approaching the months ahead, here are a few ideas to get you started, and some prayers to guide you. 

Prayer Points For A New Month 

  • Pray for eyes to see God’s work around you
  • Pray for a heart filled with contentment
  • Pray for a greater reliance on the Lord
  • Pray for protection over you and your loved ones
  • Pray for guidance in a difficult decision
  • Pray for wisdom in handling finances
  • Pray for God’s provision for your daily needs
  • Pray for a mindset that is focused on eternity
  • Pray for growth in areas that you are struggling in (pride, unbelief, lust, etc.)
  • Pray for a community who will encourage and challenge you

Prayers For The New Month

These are only a few ideas that can help guide you in your prayers for the new month.

The same God who carried you through last month, and the month before is the same one who will carry you through this month.

Praying gives us the opportunity to surrender the unknown before God and to become more in tune with what He is doing in and around us not only each month but each new day.

Remember Philippians 4:6.
“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.”

If there are particular areas in your life that you would love some guidance in prayer, whether that be a difficult month ahead, struggles with finances, spiritual growth, and more, here are some prayers to encourage you and lead you to a place of trust.

Praying For A Difficult New Month 

-Lord, it has been a difficult time lately. It feels as though all I am anticipating is a struggle. I know that You are with me no matter what kind of season I am enduring, but this one sometimes feels heavy, Lord. 

-As I face the new month ahead of me, I pray not simply that you would lighten the burden but that You would strengthen me. I pray that any hardship in the month ahead would lead me to Your presence and grow my dependence on You, Lord. 

-And if it is Your will to lighten my load, would You do so, Lord and if not, help me carry it, please. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

Praying For Finances For The Month 

-Father, You know what I need before I even say it, even before I realize it myself. The new month brings new concerns about money, Lord. When it seems like ends are not meeting, would You help me to trust in You for guidance, peace, and trust that You not only know my needs but that You care for them. 

-It can be so easy to cling to the money I have or don’t have at times. My prayer is that whether in lack or overflow Lord that You would help me to surrender my finances to you. Please lay any unhealthy concerns inside of me to rest. 

-Where I can help it please guide me to deal wisely with my finances and in places that are beyond my control would You make a way where there seems to be no way to meet those responsibilities that lie ahead of me. In Jesus’ matchless name, I pray, amen. 

New Month Prayer For Growth

-Lord, You have taken me out of deep pits in the past. You’ve grown me in ways that I never thought I’d grow, and sometimes it’s not always clear to see the changes but I know that You are always working for me. 

-This new month I pray that You would help me see the areas in my life that I need to grow in. Whether that is my attitude, my heart’s position, new and healthier habits that I need to set, please guide me so that I can grow into the person who You have created me to be. 

-Help me to grow in my relationship with You. Let my time with You flow into every other area of my life, in my relationships, in my skills, in my career, and my character. Help me to look more like You, Lord. It’s in Your name, I pray, amen. 

Praying For Contentment In The Month Ahead 

-Father, it’s true that our hearts are often like idol factories. It is always easier to look toward the things we don’t have, and the things that we believe would make us happier if we had them. But the truth is that I have You, and that is greater than all my worldly desires combined. 

-This new month I pray that You would help me walk in a newfound posture of contentment. Instead of looking at the things that I don’t have, help me to look at the things that I do. 

-Help me to practice gratitude from the moment that I wake up, and to see the gift in those things around me as I go about this month. More than anything, help me to find my greatest treasure in You in a way I have never before. In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen. 

Praying For God’s Guidance In Your Priorities 

-Dear God, thank You for another month that You’ve carried me through. Every month, no, in fact, every day is a battle for my affection and priorities. There are so many different things vying for my time and energy. 

-I know that I am not always wise in the way that I spend my time, and the things that should be important to me don’t always take priority. Please forgive me for allowing lesser things to take time away from the things that truly matter. 

-Guide me Lord to the things that You desire for me to prioritize in my life. Would You be the foundation of those priorities and help me to build the rest of my life on You. In Jesus’ name, amen. 

The new month can look different from what last month looked like. We serve a God who isn’t restricted by time or circumstances.

If there are any areas in your life that you desire to see God working in this month, approach Him in bold, surrendered prayer, for He cares for you. 

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