Signs God Is Answering Your Prayers

Looking for signs God is answering your prayers? Below are a few signs to keep an eye out for.

As followers of Christ, we can have absolute confidence that God hears us when we pray.

Our prayers don’t hit the ceiling, but they reach His ear, and many times His heart.

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I think it’s important to mention that God knows the intentions, and the posture of our hearts when we pray to Him.

He knows when we are praying in faith, when we are filled with doubt, or if we are faithless.

He knows when our hearts truly seek His will, or whether we only seek Him when we’re in need of something.

When we come to God, it is important to remember what He desires from us.

Hebrews 11:6 tells us;

“And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to Him must believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him.”

So before we consider whether God is answering our prayers. It is fair for us to first consider what our prayers look like, what our hearts look like.

This doesn’t mean that God will answer every single prayer in the way we expect or desire, if our heart and faith is in the right place.

But it does mean that God works in the heart that truly seeks Him, and responds in ways that You may not even have anticipated.

Take a moment to think of the prayers that you have prayed. Think of the specific prayers that you are waiting on God to answer in your life.

How were those prayers prayed? Is your heart seeking God’s will, despite your own desires.

Did you pray to God in faith, knowing that He hears you, and that He desires your good? You alone can be the judge of this.

While it is today, there is always time to learn, and seek Him.

If you’ve been praying, and you’re looking out for signs that He is indeed answering your prayers, I hope that this will serve as a guide to you.

Know that there are times when God’s answer to our prayers is no. Sometimes it is a “not yet.”

Other times He answers it, but not in the way that we imagined. But we can always trust that His answer is given in His wisdom, and sovereignty.

Signs God Is Answering Your Prayers

He Gives You Peace Over a Situation

One of the surest ways to know whether God is answering your prayer is whether you have peace or not.

If you are praying to God about a certain opportunity or even considering a relationship with someone.

There are times when we feel very uncertain, and as though we have no peace regarding the situation.

No matter if the job or person seems perfect on paper.

God sees beyond what we can see. We can ask Him to give us discernment, and peace if it is His.

The kind of peace that He gives is not like the world does. It is something that passes all understanding, and guards our hearts and minds.

The peace He gives a stillness that is unexplainable. Even in a situation that is difficult, or overwhelming, His peace calms the storm in our hearts and minds.

He Answers Your Prayer Through Scripture

God speaks to us through different ways, but primarily through His word. When we pray to Him, we may often seek answers outside of the word.

We may look around us to see whether He is doing something. But sometimes He answers through His word.

You may be anxious about bills that need to be paid, or you may be needing comfort in a certain situation.

There are times when God will bring a certain verse or passage to your attention that is directly applicable to your situation.

He may remind you that you are not alone, that He knows what you need and will care for you, or that He is the God of comfort to those who seek Him.

His word gives encouragement, and hope in the situations that we find ourselves in.

He Changes Your Heart

Many times when we come to God in prayer, the aim is not to twist God’s arm to give into our wants or desires, but for God to align our hearts with His will.

If you have been praying over a certain matter, you can know whether God is answering you by considering whether He has been changing you.

Maybe you were struggling with a certain sinful habit, or you were having a hard time dealing with a situation.

Sometimes He doesn’t change the situation, sometimes He changes us and how we deal with the situation.

Sometimes He gives us patience, endurance, and joy, even in times when we would feel otherwise.

He Changes Someone Else’s Heart

If you’ve been praying about a situation that involves someone else.

One of the ways that You can see whether God is answering your prayer is through their changed heart or behavior.

If you’ve been praying for someone to come to Christ, you may see that they are becoming more and more open to Him, and to you talking about Him.

If you have had a strained relationship with someone, or have been treated poorly by someone, you may see them respond in a way that you didn’t expect.

Those are all signs that God is doing something in their hearts, and answering your prayers.

He Speaks Through Other People

God loves to partner with people. He will often use other people to encourage us, and to answer our prayers.

You may find that He answers your prayers through godly wisdom, through a word taught on Sunday or in your small group.

At other times He will provide for you through people. Whether that is financially, or through any other generosity.

Be open to seeing how God uses others to answer His prayers, and praise Him when He does.

He Allows Things To Come Together

An even simpler way to know whether God is answering your prayers is by looking at what is happening around you.

If you’ve prayed about a situation or opportunity, and you are stepping out in faith.

Are things somehow coming together? If you see things falling together, it is not by chance.

Many times God will allow doors to open, and for the things you do to work out. You may even see helpers show up, and provide things that you need.

He Changes Your Desires

We all have desires. Some of those desires are God-given, and others are our own desires.

If you’re praying about something, you can take notice of what God is doing in your heart.

Is He increasing your desire for something? Or is He changing your desire?

If you were praying about moving somewhere, and you felt discontent about where you’re currently at.

Has He changed how you feel about it, or granted you contentment that you didn’t have before?

It can be easy for us to be confused about whether a desire is from our flesh or from God’s will.

That is where we can test it according to God’s word, and see if it lines up. We can also seek godly counsel to help us discern.

He Closes A Door

A clear way, and one that we might not always like, is when God closes a door.

Sometimes God closes a door because that’s not the path that He desires you to go on.

Sometimes it’s just not in His timing, though it may be in your timing.

When God closes a door, we don’t need to feel discouraged or as though we did something wrong. He sees beyond what we can see.

Even if He answers your prayers by closing a door, thank Him for it. He did it in His wisdom, and mercy.

This list is not an exhaustive list. But it gives us some guidance when it comes to figuring out whether God has answered our prayers.

Sometimes it may be clear as day, and other times it might seem less obvious. In those moments, I hope that these signs will give you clarity.

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