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Bible Verses for Joy

Looking for Bible Verses for Joy? Here are a few you can use. Every person wants to experience happiness, but there is only one place where we can find true joy. This is not the warm feeling we have inside when things are going great, or the feeling that fades when times are challenging. Rather, …

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Psalms For Anxiety

Looking for psalms for anxiety? Here are a few that can help. The book of Psalms is filled with so many human emotions that we can all relate to. One of those struggles that we can turn to the Psalms for comfort and peace is anxiety. If you struggle with anxiety, know that there are …

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Identity In Christ Verses

Looking for identity in Christ verses? Here are a few you can use. Who are you? No, I’m not referring to your name, or what you do for a living, or what your interests are. But rather, when you stand before God, and all your accomplishments, personality, likes, or dislikes are swept in the background, …

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Bible Verses For Men

In need of bible verses for men? Here are a few you can use. It’s important for men to receive godly encouragement and guidance. More than ever the world is needing men whose hearts are after God, and who are seeking to be an example to those around them. There is no greater place for …

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Bible Verses For Safe Travel

Whether you’re traveling for leisure, work or you have a commitment to attend to, we all hope for safe travels. Though traveling can often be an exciting time, it can also cause anxiety. One of the best ways to find comfort as you hit the road, is to hold onto God’s word as your anchor. …

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Bible Verses For Loneliness

Looking for Bible Verses For Loneliness? Sometimes seasons of loneliness can feel like an endless night. If you’re struggling with loneliness, I know this may sound ironic, but know that you’re not alone, in two senses. One, everyone experiences loneliness at different points in their lives. Whether you’re struggling with loneliness romantically, or you don’t …

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Healing Scriptures For Cancer

Looking for Healing Scriptures For Cancer? The word of God is our source of life. We can turn to it in every area of life or season of our lives, including our health. Scripture gives us many examples of people who suffered from various illnesses. But no matter what battle they faced, one thing remained …

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