A Mother’s Prayer For Her Daughter

If you’re looking for A Mother’s Prayer for Her Daughter, we’re here to share some things you can pray.

As a mother with a daughter, it can sometimes feel like our heart is walking around outside of our chest.

It can be a bittersweet time witnessing your daughter grow up, and wanting to see her shielded from the harsh world.

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There is nothing quite like a mother who prays for her daughter, and many times it’s those fervent prayers that God uses to influence your daughter’s life. Prayer is important!

It’s true that there comes a time when we have to let go a little, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t show them our love and support, whether we are near or far through prayer. 

If you’re a mom with a daughter, (or need prayers for new parents to pray) and you’re looking for ways that you can stand in the gap for your daughter, here are a few prayers written especially for you!

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How To Pray For Your Daughter

Pray for:

  1. Pray for Protection: Dear God, please protect my daughter from harm and danger. Keep her safe from physical harm, emotional harm, and spiritual harm. Cover her with your love and surround her with your angels. Keep her mind and heart pure and shield her from any negative influences that may come her way.
  2. Strength and Wisdom: Lord, I pray that you would give my daughter strength and wisdom to face the challenges that come her way. Help her to make wise decisions and to stand firm in her beliefs. Give her the courage to speak up for what is right, even when it’s difficult.
  3. Purpose and Direction: God, I pray that you would reveal to my daughter the purpose and direction you have for her life. Guide her steps and lead her on the path that you have set before her. Help her to discover her talents and gifts and to use them for your glory.
  4. Self-Worth: Father, I pray that my daughter would know her worth and value as your beloved child. Help her to see herself as you see her – beautiful, strong, and capable. Guard her heart against negative self-talk and help her to love herself as you love her.
  5. Faith and Relationship with God: Lord, I pray that my daughter would have a strong faith and a deep relationship with you. Help her to grow in her understanding of who you are and what you have done for her. May she seek you first in all things and trust in your goodness and faithfulness.
  6. Friendships and Relationships: God, I pray that my daughter would have healthy and positive friendships and relationships. Help her to choose friends who will encourage and support her, and who will help her to grow in her faith. Protect her heart from those who would hurt her or lead her astray. (Prayers for encouragement)
  7. Joy and Peace: Father, I pray that my daughter would experience the joy and peace that come from knowing you. May she have a cheerful heart and a spirit of gratitude, even in the midst of difficult circumstances. Help her to trust in you and to find her rest in you alone. (see Bible Verses for Joy)
  8. Thanksgiving Prayer: Dear God, I thank you for my daughter and for the joy she brings into my life. Help me to appreciate her unique qualities and to celebrate her successes, no matter how small. May my words and actions reflect the love I have for her.
  9. Forgiveness: Lord, I pray that my daughter would know the power of forgiveness and the freedom it brings. Help her to forgive those who have wronged her and to seek forgiveness when she has hurt others. May she experience your grace and mercy in every area of her life.
  10. Patience: God, I pray that you would give me patience as I parent my daughter. Help me to respond with kindness and understanding, even when I’m tired or frustrated. May my words and actions reflect your patience and compassion.
  11. Courage: Father, I pray that my daughter would have the courage to follow her dreams and to take risks when necessary. Help her to trust in you and to step out in faith, even when it’s scary. May she be a light in the world and a source of inspiration to those around her.
  12. Pray for Rest: Lord, I pray that my daughter would find rest and renewal in you. Help her to prioritize self-care and to take time to recharge her body, mind, and spirit. May she experience your peace and presence in every moment of her life.
  13. Pray for School: That she will excel in her learning, be kind and make good friends, and enjoy her childhood. See back to school prayers.

A Mother’s Prayer for Her Daughter

Prayer for Her Relationship with God 


If it weren’t for Your love, and amazing grace, none of us would be able to have a relationship with You.

I am amazed that I can come to You in prayer, and know that You not only hear my pleas but that You welcome me to bring them to You.

There is nothing more that a mother’s heart desires than to see her children walk down the path of life, and avoid the path that leads to destruction.

My desire is to see my daughter live her life to an audience of one, and that one is You, Lord.

Keep her from being conformed to the world and its patterns, and transform her mind according to Your word. 

I know that there are many distractions in this world, and sometimes we can get caught up in them.

But my prayer is that You would make Yourself so evident to my daughter, that she cannot help but abandon all other lesser loves that this world offers.

May she grow in the knowledge of You, and become more like Christ.

May she know that she always has a Heavenly Father who she can turn to in every season of her life.

In Jesus’ name, amen. 

Prayer for Daughter’s Safety 

Dear God,

Thank You for blessing me with my daughter.

I think of all the years that You have faithfully carried us.

Thank You for choosing me to be her mom, and for allowing her to be my daughter.

I know that I cannot always be there to look out for her or to protect her, and that my capabilities fall short.

But I know that it is not so with You. Your word tells us that You are omnipresent, You are everywhere, at all times.

You are with her when she wakes, You are with her when she leaves home and when she returns.

You keep watch over her, and know her every thought and deed. 

As a mother, this gives me great comfort and peace, knowing that You are always near.

My prayer is that You would protect my sweet daughter from any physical harm.

Help her to be cautious when she is alone, or when she is out of the house.

Please protect her from any spiritual attacks, and from entertaining things that are the enemy’s attempt at luring her away from You.

May she know that You are a shield and a strong toward that she can run to, and may she find solace and comfort in Your presence.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer for A Courageous Heart


I know that there are times throughout life that we feel fearful, or shrink back from what lies in front of us.

The risk of trying something new, of taking on an opportunity, of being rejected, or not knowing how things will unravel can sometimes leave us paralyzed with fear.

I know that there are moments when my daughter does, or will feel overcome with fear.

My prayer is that You will strengthen her heart in those moments.

When she feels like turning away in fear, I ask that You fill her with Your peace.

Help her to know that she can come to You in prayer, knowing that You will never leave or forsake her. 

Help her to grow confident in the gifts that You have given her, and not to doubt her ability to learn, grow and do well.

Remind her that a part of courage means taking a risk without any guarantees of what will happen, yet she can always walk away with a learning experience.

Help her to see that her weaknesses are what reveal Your strength and power at work in her.

May she grow in her trust in You, and know that You are with her, wherever she goes and whatever she does.

In Jesus’ name, amen.

Prayer For Her Character 


I am so grateful for my daughter’s life! Thank You for making her how she is, and for how raising her has changed me for the better too.

I know that there is no better place for her to be than in Your presence, pursuing Your will, and walking in the example that Christ has set for us.

My prayer is that she would submit every area of her life to You.

May she seek You for guidance, wisdom, comfort, and peace.

May she grow in her knowledge of You, and grow in Christlikeness too.

May she not only be focused on what is on the outside, but remind her that it is the heart that You look at.

May her heart be responsive to Your word, and to Your Holy Spirit.

In times of hardship or trials, remind her that the testing of her faith produces patience.

May she grow in the fruit of the Spirit, and display love, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, forgiveness, joy, gentleness, goodness and self-control.

May she bear fruit that is worthy of repentance.

May others look at her life and see Christ through her.

May her life be a testament to the work of Christ that is able to redeem and transform one’s life.

In Jesus’ name, I pray, amen.

Prayer Points For Daughter

  • Pray for Health and safety during pregnancy and childbirth
  • Strength and wisdom as a new mother – prayers for new parents
  • Godly friends and mentors who will encourage and support her
  • Prayer for Future Husband, that she would have a strong and loving relationship with him
  • Protection from negative influences and harmful relationships
  • Opportunities to use her gifts and talents for God’s glory
  • Courage to stand up for what is right and to speak truth in love
  • Wisdom in her career and financial decisions
  • Peace and joy in every season of life
  • A deep and growing relationship with God
  • Forgiveness and grace when she falls short
  • Rest and renewal when she is weary
  • A heart filled with gratitude and compassion for others
  • Purpose and direction in her life
  • Good health and physical wellness
  • Protection from anxiety, fear, and worry
  • A heart that is open to learning and growth
  • Perseverance in the face of challenges and obstacles
  • An abundance of love and joy in her relationships with family and friends.
  • Prayer for comfort when they have lost someone they love.
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As a mother with a daughter myself, I know how important it is to pray for our children.

It can be hard to let go and trust God with their lives, but when we bring our concerns and hopes before him in prayer, we can find peace and confidence in his loving care.

I hope these prayers for a mother’s daughter have been helpful to you, and that you will continue to pray for your daughter’s well-being, growth, and faith.

Remember, you are not alone in this journey of motherhood, and God is always with you, guiding and sustaining you.

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